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How-To Play Wiffleball

The Rules of Wiffleball
The Pitches
The Rules of Wiffleball
Picking your playing field
Throwing and Catching a Wiffle Ball
Wiffle Links

The Rules of Wiffleball

The two ways of playing Wiffle ball are as follows: The official way, and the funner way.

The pitcher stands 42 feet away from the batter. Behind the batter is a box or something else to determine the strike zone. if it hits the box, its a strike. If not, its a ball. You get 3 strikes per at bat (unlimited foul balls) and 4 balls (2 outs per side). The fence is 100 feet away in dead center and like 75 down the lines. from right to left field corner is 70 feet. If you hit a grounder past the pitcher, it's a  single, a fly past him its a double, unless it goes 26+ feet past him, then its a triple. If it clears the fence, its a home run. There can be 3 or less people per team, and the teams can be uneven.

The pitcher stands a reasonable distance from the batter, try to get around 40 feet. There is no box or anything for a strike zone. 3 strikes per batter, 3 outs per side. You can play with or without called strikes, but there are no balls. The reason for the no balls rule (Yes, I know that sounds funny) is because Wiffle balls are so hard to control, especially when you throw some of the junk that can be thrown. The foul lines should be at about 90 degrees, like in baseball, and you can set reasonable distances for singles, doubles, triples and home runs. You can play with or without baserunners, but its better without. With ghost runners, they advance the same amount of bases as the batter who advanced them, unless it was a really hard hit ball, or it landed really close to the next type of hit, then they advance 1 extra base. Any error is an automatic single, except for dropped fly balls, which are the area they land on. Thats really all there is to it, although i might have overlooked something important.