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How-To Play Wiffleball

The Pitches
The Rules of Wiffleball
Picking your playing field
Throwing and Catching a Wiffle Ball
Wiffle Links

How-to hit a wiffleball

Hitting a wiffle ball can be boringly easy or amazingly hard, depending on the pitcher. Unlike baseball, the difference in difficulty of hitting a pitcher is mostly based on his stuff, not his speed. Also, when you hit a wiffle ball, the distance it goes depends more on the smoothness of your swing than the force behind it. When you add those two factors up, it becomes apparent that a long swing is better than a compact one, unlike in baseball. if you have a long swing in baseball, then don't change anything. If your baseball swing is quick and compact, then you have a little changing to do for wiffle ball. instead of hitting taking the direct path to the inside of the ball when you swing, try to hit the outside of the ball to pull it. Start with your hands above your back shoulder, and unleash a roundhouse swing to the outside of the ball. Don't actually hit the outside of it, but think of it in terms of that. If you do keep hitting the total outside part of it, just wait back on it longer, but use the same swing. With 2 strikes, then you can use a more compact swing so that you can wait back on a pitch and hit sliders and sinkers more easily.

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