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How-To Play Wiffleball


The Pitches
The Rules of Wiffleball
Picking your playing field
Throwing and Catching a Wiffle Ball
Wiffle Links


Sigs, or signatures, are pictures that people have at the bottom of their names in forums. They can be completly random, but if they say your name it's a sig. Here is an example.

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Note: it looks best on a lcd flatscreen

This is a sig I made of the greatest game on Earth (besides wiffleball), Mu-Evo. It's like the game Diablo, except better, but only playable online. It has better graphics, better weapons, more weapons, more mosters, upgradeable armor i.e +1+2+3+4 etc., more levels (maps, davias, lorencia, losttown, losttower, atlans, etc.). If your interested go to, just download the files and your ready to go. 


du<kTAPE is da shiz
nightchode=   >: (    <---------- wat he looks like when he gets killed by a spider